Thermostat and Indoor Climate Control Services

If you are in the market for a new thermostat, are having and problem with your current unit, or would like to look into other indoor climate control options (such as humidity control), we can help. Please see below for more information.

Thermostat Inspection & Maintenance

Thermostats generally do not require maintenance, except to replace their batteries periodically (although not all thermostats utilize batteries). You can determine the batteries require replacement if there is a battery replacement indicator light on the display screen (which usually blinks to alert you to the need for replacement), or if your thermostat screen is fading or has gone blank. If you have any questions about your thermostat, please contact us at (425) 885-1224. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thermostat Diagnosis and Repair

If you believe your thermostat is malfunctioning, we are happy to have one of our service technicians take a look to determine whether the thermostat or some other system component is responsible for the system fault. Our service technicians are the best in the business — well trained, efficient, with minimal errors. If you’d like us to help you with your thermostat, please give us a call (425) 885-1224. We look forward to working with you!

Thermostat Replacement

Like all electronics, eventually your thermostat will need to be replaced. When that time comes, we are happy to educate you in the various options and provide you with the replacement expense, all for free. And should you hire us, you will find our technicians are efficient and friendly.  Please feel free to contact us at (425) 885-1224 if you have any questions regarding a new thermostat. We look forward to hearing from you!

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