Improving Indoor Air Quality


Published October 17, 2014

An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality

We tend to spend the majority of our lifetimes indoors, and the quality of the air we breathe, like the quality of water we drink, can have a significant long term impact on our health. Below, I’ve selected a number of articles which will introduce the interested reader to the importance of indoor air quality as well as the rating system used to evaluate air filter efficiency:

1. The National Air Filtration Association has an article on residential air filtration:

Residential Air Filtration – National Air Filtration Association

2. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has a (lengthy) guide on indoor air quality:

A Guide to Indoor Air Quality

3. Wikipedia has a to-the-point article on the MERV rating used to rate the efficiency of air filters:

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value

4. And my favorite of this list, the Environmental Working Group has a guide to reducing indoor airborne (and other in-home) contaminants by carefully selecting the products you use within your home and during the construction or remodel of your home, from carpet to paint, sheetrock, furniture, plumbing, etc.

Environmental Working Group – Healthy Home Guide


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