Bradford White Hydrojet Total Performance Water Heater

Bradford White Standard Water Heaters

Bradford White offers a wide range of water heaters with various gallon capacities, water heating outputs, efficiencies, and exhaust venting systems. But what makes Bradford White the water heater brand of choice is their Hydrojet and Defender Safety systems. The Hydrojet system delivers more hot water for the same energy used and cleans the tank every time there is a call for water. The Defender Safety system provides greater protection during ignition. Adding technology to quality, Bradford White sets itself apart as the water heater of choice in today's market.

Key Features

  • High efficiency energy star models available
  • Maintenance free
  • Fully automated controls
  • Hydrojet® Total Performance System
  • Defender Safety System
  • Electric and gas models available
  • High gallon capacities and quick recovery models available
  • 6 year parts warranty
  • 2 year labor warranty